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 Yoga Surya Pranayam  APK Download

Yoga Surya Pranayam APK

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Title: Yoga Surya Pranayam
Author: logiccrickes
Latest Version: 2.3.3 and up
Last Update: November 8, 2014

Download Yoga Surya Pranayam APK from logiccrickes last update November 8, 2014 and Developer Email sanrokrishapp[@]

Yoga Surya Pranayam Each one of the postures in Sun salutation was designed to benefit a portion of the body. The very first act of bringing the palms together in front of the sternum facilitates the spreading of the scapula which can become scrunched during a normal day of stress. When lowering into Plank Pose, the triceps are engaged and by holding the pose a few seconds longer, strengthened. The legs are engaged in alternately stretching and grounding into a pose such as Warrior Two. By maintaining this posture for the length of several breaths, the quadriceps of the forward bending leg along with the hamstrings of the back outstretched leg are strengthened with the effort of keeping you balanced. Contracting your abs throughout the series will ensure the safety of your lower back and have the added benefit of whittling your waist.

Persons suffering from slip-disk, arthritis, heart attack etc including pregnant women are suggested to take medical opinion before they start the practice of Sun salutation.

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 Yoga Surya Pranayam APK Cover Yoga Surya Pranayam APK Cover Yoga Surya Pranayam APK Cover Yoga Surya Pranayam APK Cover
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