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Title: Trump Vs Hillary:Board game
Author: Droov
Latest Version: 2.3 and up
Last Update: September 23, 2016

Download Trump Vs Hillary:Board game APK from Droov last update September 23, 2016 and Developer Email belhamra.yassir[@]

Trump Vs Hillary:Board game Trump runs for presidency, Hillary runs for presidency and we watch over their clash.

Some support Trump, Some support Hillary and some just cry for the future to come. But cry no more, enjoy their clash with at least this board game "abalone". Supporting multiplayer in one phone, you will be able to even enjoy it with your friends.

With this Trump Versus Hillary board game "abalone", Choose the one you want to win, or just choose anyone, either way you win because you will have fun.

It's a turn-based board game "abalone", and the road to win is simple:
If you're Hillary, Push the Trump marbles over the edge.
If you're Trump, Push the Hillary marbles over the edge.
Thats it.

Two trumps can push a Hillary, three Hillarys can push two Trumps.
Slide onto marbles to select up to three of them at the same time before moving them

Here are the rules of the game "abalone":
The board consists of 61 circular spaces arranged in a hexagon, five on a side. Each player has 14 marbles that rest in the spaces and are initially arranged as shown at left.
Play alternates between the players one move at a time, with the Trump marbles moving first. For each move, a player moves a line of one, two or three one space.
The move can be either in-line (parallel to the line of marbles) or broadside (not parallel to the line of marbles), as illustrated at right.

A player can push their opponent′s marbles which are in an adjacent space to their own with an in-line move only. They can only push if the pushing line has more marbles than the pushed line (three can push two or one; two can push one).
Marbles must be pushed into an open space (i.e. not blocked by a marble of either colour).
The winner is the first player to gain six opposing marbles from the opponent.

I hope you enjoy the game, Have fun !!!!

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