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 Skeletal System (Anatomy)  APK Download

Skeletal System (Anatomy) APK

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Title: Skeletal System (Anatomy)
Author: AR-Apps
Latest Version: 3.1 and up
Last Update: 5 November 2016

Download Skeletal System (Anatomy) APK from AR-Apps last update 5 November 2016 and Developer Email lazyspectator[@]gmail.com

Skeletal System (Anatomy) # In this app, all the bones and ligaments of human body are introduced. The positions of those portions are shown in pictures. The pictures are clear and specific. So the users can easily point out and understand the target bones and ligaments that they want to learn.
# Human Anatomy.
# A part of Human Anatomy
# Skeleton
# Skull
# Spine
# Teeth
# Articular Capsule
# Sacrum
# Ilium
# Ischium
# Coccyx
# Ligaments
# Clavicle
# Scapula
# Humerus
# Ulna
# Metacarpal Bones
# Capitate Bone
# Trapezium Bone
# Femur
# Patella
# Tibia
# Fibula
# Metatarsal Bones
# Calcaneus
# Navicular Bone
# Talus
# Carotid Canal
# Choanae
# External Acoustic Meatus
# External Occipital Protuberance
# Foramen Magnum
# Foramen Ovale
# Frontal Bone
# Hyoid Bone
# Hypoglossal Canal
# Lambdoid Suture
# Mandible
# Mandibular Fossa
# Mastoid Foramen
# Mastoid Process
# Maxilla
# Median Palatine Suture
# Occipital Bone
# Occipital Condyle
# Parietal Bone
# Sagittal Suture
# Sphenoid Bone
# Costal Cartilage
# True Ribs
# False Ribs
# Sternum

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 Skeletal System (Anatomy) APK Cover Skeletal System (Anatomy) APK Cover Skeletal System (Anatomy) APK Cover Skeletal System (Anatomy) APK Cover Skeletal System (Anatomy) APK Cover Skeletal System (Anatomy) APK Cover Skeletal System (Anatomy) APK Cover Skeletal System (Anatomy) APK Cover
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