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 Shogi Lv.100 (Japanese Chess)  APK Download

Shogi Lv.100 (Japanese Chess) APK

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Title: Shogi Lv.100 (Japanese Chess)
Author: UNBALANCE Corporation
Latest Version: 2.2 and up
Last Update: February 5, 2018

Download Shogi Lv.100 (Japanese Chess) APK from UNBALANCE Corporation last update February 5, 2018 and Developer Visit website Email support[@] Privacy Policy 東京都千代田区神田神保町1-3-5冨山房ビル4階

Shogi Lv.100 (Japanese Chess) Kanazawa Shogi Level 100 is the most popular Shogi (Japanese Chess) game in Japan.
【Version up!】 Now you can play against a stronger computer engine in Engine Server Game.

■What is "Shogi Lv.100 (Japanese Chess)"?
Shogi, also known as Japanese chess, is the most popular
thinking game in Japan. Unlike chess, the captured pieces could
be returned to the board to be used as a piece for the captured player.
Why don't you challenge this exciting Japanese game!
The Help feature within the game will help you understand the rules of Shogi.

■Off-line Game
"Shogi Lv.100" has 100 different levels of play from beginner to expert.
Challenge to win medals by defeating computer!
You will win medals by defeating computer in off-line game.
If you collect a certain number of medals, new types of board and pieces will be awarded.

■Engine Server Game (Playing tickets are needed to be purchased)
You can play against a stronger engine in "Lv.200 mode" and "Expert mode" .

"Lv.200 mode"
We have added new 200 strength levels, which are all above the off-line 100 levels.
You can enjoy another higher level of game and challenge to complete all the medals.

"Expert mode"
We have provided a special mode for further advanced players, in which you can select the playing style among 5 different strategies.
(Fujii system, Rapid attack vs 4th-file rook, Gokigen central rook, Bear in the hole, None)
There are 5 levels of play for each playing strategy.

・Prices of the subscription for playing the Engine Server Game is US$2.54 per month.

■Other Features:
- Human vs Computer, Human vs Human(sharing a single device)
- Let you know your turn by vibration
- Automatic zooming for easy viewing and operations
- Save/Load game record
- Hint feature
- Enable to view full game history of the game record and restart game from the selected move
- Transmit game record by e-mail
- Beautiful graphics and realistic sound effects
- Automatic reading out for each move in Japanese

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 Shogi Lv.100 (Japanese Chess) APK Cover Shogi Lv.100 (Japanese Chess) APK Cover Shogi Lv.100 (Japanese Chess) APK Cover Shogi Lv.100 (Japanese Chess) APK Cover Shogi Lv.100 (Japanese Chess) APK Cover Shogi Lv.100 (Japanese Chess) APK Cover
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