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 Goose Wallpaper  APK Download

Goose Wallpaper APK

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Title: Goose Wallpaper
Author: lucas17
Latest Version: 4.0 and up
Last Update: November 18, 2017

Download Goose Wallpaper APK from lucas17 last update November 18, 2017 and Developer Email nattydev1979[@]

Goose Wallpaper Beautiful Goose Wallpaper Graphics HD Backgrounds Free!

Domestic goose domesticated form of waterfowl originating from the gray goose and from the Swan Goose which forms a common species. As a rule domestic are incapable of flight.

Domestic goose longer wild and more white than gray. Tamed in ancient times bred for meat fat feathers and liver. Domestic are in the year of 15-30 eggs of which home enclose 10-14 eggs. After 28-30 days hatched chicks.

Because of the feathers and tasty meat gray it was domesticated quite early. By studying the biblical texts the ancient Egyptian and Roman sources documents of ancient China we can conclude that this is one of the oldest domesticated birds as domesticated more than three thousand years ago. Thus in the Bible mentioned birds especially fed by which with high probability in the said quotation are understood.

However, geese less than other domestic birds altered by man modern domestic almost the same as it was bred by the ancient Romans and the Germans. In the ancient Greeks was dedicated to Persephone and Priapus that is, was a sacred animal and kept as a pet beauty is admired. According to legend at the Penelope were 20 domestic geese which served more as a decoration of the court rather than as useful animals. Darwin noted that the domestication of geese in ancient times can be seen from some of the poems of Homer.

The Romans worshiped geese of Juno which is why in the temple of the goddess in the Capitol were kept geese. Darwin's words a dedication indicates a significant prescription taming. It geese in the attack of the Gauls with their noise awoke the protective garrison and saved the Capitol from the Gauls.

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 Goose Wallpaper APK Cover Goose Wallpaper APK Cover Goose Wallpaper APK Cover Goose Wallpaper APK Cover Goose Wallpaper APK Cover Goose Wallpaper APK Cover Goose Wallpaper APK Cover Goose Wallpaper APK Cover
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