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Title: Goose Sounds - Ganso
Author: All Sounds & WallPaPers World
Latest Version: 4.0 and up
Last Update: 15 August 2017

Download Goose Sounds - Ganso APK from All Sounds & WallPaPers World last update 15 August 2017 and Developer Email allsoundsworld[@]

Goose Sounds - Ganso The sound of a flock of geese is a quintessential sound of autumn. As a flock prepares for their winter migration, these water-friendly birds can commonly be heard honking in large groups. Goose vocalizations, such as honking, squawking or yelping, are used to locate one another, express aggression or initiate mating. One type of call, the intent call, is used to signal flock members to prepare for flight so that the whole flock may take off in unison. Baby geese, or goslings, make a soft peeping sound to communicate with their parents. For geese, communication isn't just achieved using the type or quality of the sound itself, but also by the frequency and intensity of the sound. Different goose breeds or species, such as Canadian geese or Brant geese, have slightly different sounding vocalizations.

Goose calls can be used for hunting in the wild, or simply as fun sounds to play for kids and adults. You can even use these honking sounds as a funny ringtone!

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